How does the automatic calculator work?

When creating a new pay stub or check stub, you can opt to turn the Auto Calculator “on” or “off”. If you’ve already done your own calculations or need to use specific numbers in your stub, select “Off” from the dropdown on the left, and then you can enter any numbers you like into the stub. (Be careful because your numbers will not be checked, since you’re opting not to use the calculator, so be sure to double check your math!)

When you turn the calculator on, you should enter the basic information, such as your (or your employee’s) hourly rate and number of hours worked, or the corresponding salary (if you select “Salary” for the “How are you paid?” question on the left). Be sure to specify the company name, company address, your/your employee’s name, the check number, the pay period, the date the check stub was issued, and your/your employee’s employee number. If you’re generating multiple pay stubs, the dates for the previous stubs will be automatically calculated, but you can choose to specify different dates if you need to.

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January 10, 2016

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